Homeless Mothers in Ghana

Apt (2003) stated that in Ghana, many street youths between the ages of twelve and twenty years are without homes to return to at night. Most of these youths have traveled from the countryside mainly to fend for themselves in the cities and urban centers because of poverty. Akuffo (2001) defined a street child as any child who lives, eats, sleeps and does almost everything on the street. He uses the street as his home and other street families as his relatives. Street children are found roaming on the streets, lorry parks, market places and street corners begging for alms or in a wage-earning activity. They do not have homes and therefore spend their nights in kiosks, street corners, or chop bars.

The Human Rights Watch report (2006) stated that adults in recent times have also been on the street and children have been produced and brought up on the street by the individuals on the street. Some families also moved into the street because of broken homes or divorce. Many young girls, who did not have any trade or vocation, came to the city to secure jobs; these girls were impregnated by unemployed men and since t hey had nowhere to go, they stayed on the street with their children. Other factors include neighborhood and family dysfunctions that increased the vulnerability of families particularly children and women to go onto the streets.

Eyiah (2003) reported that some single mothers had also encouraged their teenage daughters to go onto the street to make ends meet. They ended up in prostitution, were sometimes raped and eventually had become homeless mothers on the street.
This was a report from a research done in Ghana some years back. Which is very sad. There is a great need then.
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